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William Khaine

Will is a third year Software Engineering major at UC Irvine. He is also the website and newsletter intern at the ANTrepreneur Center.

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ANTrepreneur of the Year Awards 2018

On May 29, we celebrated the ANTrepreneurs who have made strides in their business ideas. Check out the award winners in this article!

Open House Photoreel

Check out photos and memories from our Open House!

The Top Three Lessons from Girlboss: From Employee to Entrepreneur

With a panel of established female entrepreneurs, Girlboss continues to inspire and connect aspiring female entrepreneurs with the larger community.

ANTSgiving 2017: Building Social Enterprises that Make a Difference

In collaboration with the Beall Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation, our second annual nonprofit panel brought together over 100 attendees.

ANTSgiving 2016 Brings Together Social Enterprises

What does the 28th child of a family, lover of pets, student with an emphasis in Mandarin, and marketing guru have in common? They are all leaders of nonprofit organizations, and the panelists of last Tuesday night’s ANTsgiving. Lydia Natoolo, Kelly Reeves, Shea Rouda, and Jerri Rosen gathered with approximately 50 other entrepreneurs and students […]

Serious Side Projects

Since the 1990s, board games have resurged in popularity. Nearly $370 million were contributed to board games over Kickstarter’s history, and purchases spiked 56 percent from 2014 to 2015. Hoping to make a move into this market is Serious Side Projects, a startup created by UCI ANTrepreneur Nathaniel Dalerio, Hartnell College student Michael Porras and […]


Entrepreneurship remains such a rare opportunity for students who grew up in the United States and abroad, that those wishing to hold onto that chance will surrender even what they keep close. For UCI graduate Vivi Huang, among the list of items she sacrificed was her car. “I used the money my parents gave me […]

ANTrepreneur of the Year Awards

On June 2, at the Paul Merage School of Business, we held our third annual ANTrepreneur of the Year Awards! We hope that those who attended enjoyed celebrating the entrepreneurial achievements of the UCI community. For those who missed it, check out the winners below! Congratulations to Our Winners! Best Marketing Technique: Straw Free Best […]


When rejection becomes common you learn how to take it. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing confidence. Such is the case for ANTrepreneur Alex Yang, who, alongside Shan Wu, co-founded the software development agency and platform Shokse. Unlike other agencies, their startup relies on artificial intelligence to provide small and medium sized businesses with freelance software development teams, which remains…

Coffee Buddy

Near the end of fall quarter, five students majoring in engineering and computer science had a simple business idea and no business knowledge. This quarter, those same students advanced to the final rounds of the Beall New Venture Competition and the Beall and Butterworth Product Development Competition. The product these ANTrepreneurs–Siddhant Kasat, Omair Farooqui, Cameron […]

Specialists in Plastic Additive Manufacturing (Closed Loop Plastics)

A subtle observer at UCI’s Java City may notice a trash can reading “Renew 3D Print”, asking drinkers to throw away their coffee lids. But what is missing on the container is who the lids will go to: the members of the Specialists in Plastic Additive Manufacturing, a sustainability initiative consisting of nine students at […]


The most recent version of the Airnotes glove, designed by Kevin Shih. Last week, the UC Irvine startup AirNotes celebrated the one year anniversary of its wearable glove technology. What began as a passion project has transformed into a promising venture that will formally become a company before the end of this year. The CEO, […]


Throughout the computer science community, one may hear whispers of Python dying out as a programming language. Its slower operating speed compared to other languages, many claim, renders it useless. ANTrepreneurs Alec Kriebel and Ofri Harlev, however, disagree. That is because on May 1, the UC Irvine startup InstantCustom, of which Alec and Ofri are […]

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