Airmule is an on-board courier platform that allows air travelers to sell their unused luggage spaces to ship goods. It makes air shipping faster and cheaper while enabling travelers travel with an approach to earn money.

UCI graduate Winston Xie has been part of Airmule’s team since he was in school and now works as its Business Development Manager. “No one should be losing rights to embrace this world because of realistic factors,” he said.

Winston (right) came up with the idea of a service to help those wishing to travel who are limited by economic conditions, such as the expensive air tickets. The idea occurred to him after traveling to many beautiful places as a travel blogger. His idea chimed in easily with the Airmule’s CEO, and they started working together on launching their great idea.

The biggest challenge Airmule has faced was creating a sense of trust between passengers and shipping parties. If travelers could not be trusted to get clients’ luggage from one place to another, Airmule would never get off the ground.

To work around this issue, Airmule only partners with shipping companies certified by the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and it signs paper forms with passengers to ensure their shipments are secure. The solution has led to zero of safety incidents since 2015, when they first launched this platform.

Now, airports are also beginning to recognize Airmule as a viable opportunity in the sharing economy. Partners include seven major airports inside of the U.S., like Los Angeles International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and all Chinese airports. The company’s next goal is to continue to expand its reach and partner with more airports in different countries.

As one last piece of advice, Winston encourages UCI ANTrepreneurs to keep calm and spend time on what could really help improve your ideas.

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