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Julie Du.

Julery Designs offers handcrafted jewelry that is created with great thoroughness to spruce up a look and make people feel trendy. It was founded by Julie Du, a fourth-year UCI Business Administration student with emphases in Marketing and Operations & Decisions Technology. An interest in making unique jewelry pieces inspired Julie’s business idea. She started to design and make each necklace by herself last year, so that each one is loved by her customers.

Starting a business solo already seems to be a huge challenge. But Julie thinks that the most challenging part of building her business was finalizing the design of the necklace. It required extensive trial and error, and lots of patience. As a college student with a busy schedule, Julie thinks that it would be more practical to start off by selling locally first. “I wanted to be 100 percent happy with the end product” said Julie, who was motivated to overcome the challenge by being patient during the trial and error process and asking friends for their opinions.

Julie started attending the UCI ANTrepreneur Center’s weekly events last quarter, where she met many supportive and goal-driven students who encouraged her to start her business. “Their passion for startups inspires me to continue mine. I also had a first-time consultation there when I started where I discussed price-setting and marketing strategies.” Julie said, “that being said, the AC and its community have definitely sparked my interest in entrepreneurship.”

Julie considers making a profit and making more jewelry pieces as her milestones. When Julie first started her business, her goal was to break-even, but realized that profit was possible once she met her objective. Her next short-term goal is to expand her small business and offer other more pieces. Julie wants to give other ANTrepreneurs advice that “it’s okay to start off small. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with taking things one step at a time.”

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