Startup Spotlights: ListingZen

ListingZen at Realogy FWD 2017, a summit for real estate technology startups. Michael McNamara (CEO) is to the left of Artur Grigoryan (CTO).

Artur Grigoryan is an UCI alumnus who just graduated last quarter with a major in Computer Science. He is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and co-founder of ListingZen, the world’s first and only end-to-end operating system for real estate. Unlike other products designed to aid realtors, ListingZen covers everything pertaining to selling and purchasing homes, from booking vendors to walk-throughs. Distinct from common real estate companies, ListingZen is agent-centric and concentrates on the tools the seller agent needs.

Artur came up with the idea after seeing the deficiencies in the real estate industry. He wants to improve the communicating efficiency, but it’s not just resolving an industry’s needs that motivates the CTO. “Hard, cold cash motivates me in implementing this idea,” said Artur.

Receiving funding has been the greatest challenge between an idea between Artur and CEO and San Diego State University alumnus Michael McNamara, and a business. Artur went to the ANTrepreneur Center sought consultations from David Ochi. “The UCI ANTrepreneur Center was very helpful,” Artur said. Referring to David, “he helped us with setting up our company equity policy for the initial investors.”

One of ListingZen’s most profound milestones occurred in 2016, when a team finally formed, including the two cofounders and a junior web developer. Yet, finding anyone to be a team member is insufficient; ensuring that a team will be collaborative is so important for developing a business. Artur wants to tell other ANTrepreneurs that “it is about way more than writing the code for it. You might have the greatest software, but without a good team – that believes in the software – it’s going to be difficult.”

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