Startup Spotlight: Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear Succulents is an e-commerce site that customizes succulents, founded and run by UCI junior Amie Prathummas, who is pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Prickly Pear specializes in creating handmade succulent pots and planters and in customizing succulent planters.

Image of Amie Prathummas

Amie Prathummas.

Unlike other stores selling mass produced and plain succulents, Prickly Pear helps customers create their succulents throughout the entire process, from hand-made scratch to the final product. Additionally, she puts a fun and unique twist on her products, by including puns on the planters. They currently sell online and locally throughout Orange County.

Amie realized this business idea after growing succulents with her mother last summer. Her finished planters won her many compliments from her friends and she realized how much she enjoyed creating them. During last September, “I then decided to implement the idea because I wanted to share my work and products with other people that could enjoy them as well,” said Amie.

To create succulents individually requires the storage of inventory, which became one of the biggest challenges for Amie. She kept running out of inventory, and there was a longer turnover time for customers to receive their products than she had wanted. However, Amie overcame this hurdle by doing a lot of research to find an efficient way of producing her products. Prickly Pear now has customers in multiple states, which is a huge accomplishment for the enterprise.

A customizable succulent through Prickly Pear – or for those who are paying attention, a customizable suckulent through Prickly Pear.

Throughout the process, Amie had visited the ANTrepreneur Center for consultations and support. “The AC (ANTrepreneur Center) really helped me get my business off of the ground” said Amie, “whether it was obtaining connections, resources, or advice, AC was always there to help my business along the way.”

For students curious in starting a business, Amie wants to tell other ANTrepreneurs to “identify your goals early on before launching your start-up, because it gives you the motivation to get your business off the ground and the motivation to keep going when times get tough or when you experience hardships along the way.”

Prickly Pear is currently revamping how customers design and customizing succulents on its website. Check back when changes are made and follow their Instagram to track any updates.

Images courtesy of Amie Prathummas. Photo of succulents on our home page is from Prickly Pear Succulents.

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