Startup Spotlight: Schoolr

There is an increasing amount of tutoring resources today to help students learn their subjects. However, most of them are either expensive or inconvenient to use. “I want to do something to change the way it works for worldwide students.” said Ryan Rodriguez, CEO and co-founder of Schoolr.

David Kanda (left) and Ryan Rodriguez (right).

Schoolr, a refined tutoring platform created by Ryan and Stanford University alumnus David Kanda, is focused on making online tutoring mainstream by making it feel like an extension of students’ favorite apps – Snapchat, Instagram, Uber and Lyft. As students post a question as they would take a snap, tutors scroll through them like an Instagram feed. Students pay a tutor to explain the solution, much as a passenger would pay his or her driver after using a ride sharing app.

Ryan was a mobile in-home tutor when he first envisioned Schoolr. He sought to combine the abilities of a phone and phone stand to replicate his finance teacher’s methods of tutoring through a mobile app. But to turn that vision into a reality, he needed experience in computer science – and Ryan did not know how to code. He started to tell his friends about his novel idea, which eventually attracted his partner, David, to to create an application and build a website.

In addition, Ryan asked for consultations from the UCI ANTrepreneur Center. He and his initially sought to create a multi-faceted application, including messaging, live videos, and payment options. But the center advised them to focus on developing the core features for a minimum viable product (MVP) for students and tutors to enjoy this one-of-a-kind platform. All the efforts eventually led the business to thrive.

For anyone wondering whether to start a business, Ryan suggests that sharing your ideas to people and never giving up on what you are passionate about are crucial to launch your startup. Schoolr will continue working on new features, including messaging and live video with tutors on a pay-by-minute basis.

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