Welcome to 233 Pereira Drive.

In September 2017, the UCI ANTrepreneur Center moved from the Student Center to 233 Pereira Drive. Known as the Phineas Banning Alumni House, this 2,200 square foot venue is perfect for serving the University of California, Irvine by providing a larger space for innovation and engaging the campus in entrepreneurial minded thinking.

Designed to encourage collaboration, innovation, and openness, the location offers a place to turn ideation into reality, and to strengthen students’ skillset for their time at and beyond UCI.

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Where is 233 Pereira Drive?


Main Room

With enough space to house 50 people, this is the first room you will see when you walk into the Banning House. This fully furnished space is accompanied by wide and tall windows, glass doors, and a sunroof to provide plenty of natural sunlight and a way to make anyone feel welcome.

In the past, aspiring business owners have held their own launch parties here, and we hold our Traction Thursdays here every week. Four flat screen TVs, two of which are 55 inches, can be connected via HDMI, making it also ideal for hosting meetings, workshops, or presentations.


Pass through the doors of the main room, and you will enter the corridor. If you are looking for somewhere quieter to work, the this hall is a great space for brainstorm sessions and small meetings. The room is filled with collaborative zones, with six workstations and dedicated whiteboards at each.

Conference Rooms

If your team needs a private breakout session, or just a place to get into the zone while studying, the ANTrepreneur Center has two conference rooms. One is equipped with a television screen so teams may revise project documents and designs together, or even call a potential business partner. Both also boast whiteboards reaching from one wall to another. These private rooms are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.


In the beautiful Southern California weather, the outdoor patio area, and is a nice way to get out of the office or and get work done while soaking in the sun. Surrounded by flowers, green shrubbery, and benches, it is also another great place to host outdoor events!


The kitchen is a great place to cater food for your event. It is equipped with a refrigerator, sink, and microwave. For events in the ANTrepreneur Center, its position next to the patio and entry room is fantastic for outdoor potlucks and inside dinners.

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