DTEI Entrepreneurial Faculty Advisor Program Outline

The DTEI Entrepreneurial Faculty Advisor Program, developed through a collaboration between the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation (DTEI) and the ANTrepreneur Center at UCI, offers a unique platform for faculty dedicated to fostering undergraduate entrepreneurship. This initiative seeks to empower ten senate faculty members with a keen interest in educational innovation and entrepreneurship. (Non-senate faculty can still apply and be nominated, and will be considered on an exception basis.)

These individuals will play a pivotal role in elevating student engagement with entrepreneurship resources, particularly through the UCI ANTrepreneur Center, thus enriching the undergraduate learning journey. 

 Duration and Recognition

The duration spans one academic year, commencing in the Fall quarter of 2024 and concluding at the end of the Spring 2025 quarter. Participants will receive a
receive $500 in research/travel account allocations as a token of appreciation for their commitment.

Commitment Overview

DTEI Entrepreneurial Faculty Advisors are expected to dedicate approximately 5-10 service hours each quarter, encompassing:

Workshops: To happen once per year in Fall quarter

Intro to Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Webinar: Participation in an introductory webinar in Fall, with the ANTrepreneur Center Director, covering the center’s history, mission, values, and the myriad of entrepreneurship resources available to students (1 hour).
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Classroom Webinar: Engagement in a webinar in Fall led by Professor Larry Wilk, the faculty advisor for the ANTrepreneur Center, discussing the intersection of innovation and undergraduate education, including practical advice from DTEI on integrating entrepreneurial concepts into coursework (1 hour).

Attendance at the ANTrepreneur Center’s quarterly leadership/advisory board meetings to stay informed on program updates, competitions, and student projects seeking support (3 hours).
Wednesday, Week 5 of Fall Quarter
Wednesday, Week 5 of Winter Quarter
Wednesday, Week 5 of Spring Quarter
Integration of ANTrepreneur Center resources into Canvas course modules to ensure students have easy access to entrepreneurial resources (1 hour).
Support for various ANTrepreneur Center initiatives, such as innovation challenges, competitions, and special events, on an as-needed basis.
Opportunity to serve as a faculty mentor for Campuswide Honors Collegium students who are completing a capstone project in entrepreneurship.

The DTEI Entrepreneurial Faculty Advisor Program represents a significant step towards embedding a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the UCI academic framework.

By engaging faculty in this mission, the program aims to not only enhance the educational experience for undergraduates but also foster a campus-wide ethos of entrepreneurial thinking and innovation.