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UCI Beall Applied Innovation’s Student Startup Fund program provides micro-grants to students engaged in UCI’s entrepreneurial programs, competitions and centers.

Friends and family funding plays an important part in supporting early-stage startup activities such as prototyping, market research and product refinement. For a sizable portion of our students, this funding is virtually inaccessible. Lack of critical funding forces promising innovations to be abandoned and, therefore, denies student innovators opportunities to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

The Student Startup Fund helps bridge this funding gap, allowing students to continue developing their dreams.
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We’re Currently Accepting Applications!

Student Startup Fund applications are considered on a rolling basis, so it is in your best interest to apply as early as possible. If you’re interested, please email Jaune Odombrown at

Use of Funds

The Student Startup Fund helps cover specific project-related expenses (up to $1,000) to further develop entrepreneurial concepts/startups for students and recent alumni. Additional funds may be available in exceptional cases. Granted funds are intended for immediate or short-term use, and should adhere to the following criteria:
Allowable Expenses

• Prototyping materials
• Project supplies
• Specialized software (less than $1,000)
• Small equipment (note that UCI retains ownership of the equipment after the project has ended)
• Fees associated with attending project-related conferences or events
• Expenses related to customer discovery
• Expenses related to lab testing

Unallowable Expenses

• Living expenses (rent, food, gas, etc.)
• Stipends/payroll expenses
• Equipment greater than $5,000
• Personal technology (laptops, tablets, smart phones, desktop computers, etc.)
• Entertainment
• Alcohol

Expenses Needing Higher Approval

• Service or consultant agreements (marketing, software development, etc.)
• Legal fees (corporate formation expenses)
• Patent fees
• Costs to host an event (venue, food, etc.)

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