ANTrepreneur Center Student Group Affiliate Program

The UCI ANTrepreneur Center is excited to partner with student groups across campus! Because running a student organization is very similar to running a business, the ANTrepreneur Center is particularly well-suited to support student groups in their efforts to increase membership, improve visibility, and develop new programming. Additionally, we hope to identify entrepreneurs within the student groups we partner with to support their entrepreneurial journeys. 

To establish a valuable partnership for both parties, we have outlined the benefits and requirements for our student affiliates. Student groups interested in partnering with us must submit their applications no later than the third week of each quarter. Following the review of your application, the ANTrepreneur Center will set up an in-person meeting to meet with representatives from your student group to discuss these benefits and expectations.

Affiliate Benefits

Affiliate Benefits

  • Access to ANTrepreneur Center spaces for meetings and events (pending availability)
  • Access to ANTrepreneur Center resources and services
  • Access to one-on-one advising with ANTrepreneur Center staff to support your organization’s growth
  • Access to funding opportunities for entrepreneurial efforts or programs
  • Access to networking opportunities
  • Access to ANTrepreneur Center special events
  • Access to co-sponsorship opportunities for your organization’s events and activities
  • Access to promotion through ANTrepreneur Center channels
  • Club logo and link included in affiliate page on ANTrepreneur Center website

Affiliate Requirements

  • When hosting events at the ANTrepreneur Center, affiliates will handle set-up and clean-up and leave the space as they found it.
  • When promoting events hosted at the ANTrepreneur Center, affiliates must tag us on social media.
  • Affiliates must promote ANTrepreneur Center events.
  • Affiliates must send one volunteer from their organization to attend ANTrepreneur Center events, including but not limited to speaker series events, networking mixers, or other special events.
  • Affiliates must send one officer/board member from their organization to attend ANTrepreneur Center quarterly meetings.