The aim of the $ide Hustle Challenge is to demystify entrepreneurship.

We have seasoned side hustlers and those who are new to the entrepreneurial scene. This $ide Hustle Challenge is a way for students to turn their passions into profits!.

What is the $ide Hustle Challenge?

We take control of our lives when we stay true to our passions. With this challenge we will be equipping you all with the skills you need to start, strengthen or grow your side hustle.

Learn more about the challenge HERE!


Must be a UCI Undergraduate, Graduate, or PhD student ***If you are an International Student you need to talk with us, as there are restrictions on your ability to earn money. There might be some options where you can participate for the experience, without making money. 

Max 3 teammates

    Why students are partipating?

    • Hands-on Experience: From launching your idea to managing finances, gain practical skills in entrepreneurship.
    • Cross-Disciplinary Engagement: Connect with students from all fields of study and foster collaboration.
    • Community Marketplace: Showcase and sell your products or services at our finale marketplace event, open to the community.
    • Expert Guidance: Attend workshops and receive mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

    Join us for the Finals Marketplace on May 31st – The event is open to the public!

    Key Dates



    Kickoff at the ANTrepreneur Center

    5:00pm – 6:00pm

    Are you ready to transform your passion into a thriving side hustle? Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or looking to explore new avenues, the Side Hustle Challenge Kickoff is your first step towards turning your ideas into reality.

    Event Details

    When: Thursday, April 11th, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    Where: The ANTrepreneur Center, UCI Campus
    Admission: Free for all UCI students




    Discover, Connect, Showcase: Join Our Startup Showcase & Side Hustle Boothing

    A Premier Platform for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

    Mark your calendars for an exclusive evening where innovation meets opportunity. Our Startup Showcase and Side Hustle Boothing event is not just an exhibition; it’s a chance for you to present your side hustle to the community, gain invaluable customer insights, and connect with potential customers and investors.

    Event Details

    Date: Thursday, April 18th
    Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Location: UCI ANTrepreneur Center
    Admission: Open to the public – all are welcome!






    Mandatory Financial Workshop

    Learn about financial details of the $ide Hustle Challenge. We will discuss how to make and keep your $ide Challenge Checkbook 

    Event Details

    Date: Monday, April 22nd
    Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    Location: UCI ANTrepreneur Center
    Admission: Free for all participants of the Side Hustle Challenge

    Thanks to our sponsors: Blackstone LaunchPad, Siemens, GoZigZag, United Nations Association of Orange County, Parker Dewey, Udemy, and Skinesque!

    Products (make and sell or resell)


    Students presenting their product ideas to a panel of judges and a live audience at The Cove at UCI

    $ide Hustle Challenge Kickoff 5-6pm  

    🎨🚀 Elevate your Side Hustle with our Boothing & Branding Workshop! 🛠️ On April 11th, discover everything you need for a standout Semi-final submission and master the marketing skills for Irvine Tech Week. 💡 Learn from the pros on how to present and promote your innovative ideas. Don’t miss this key step to making your project shine!

    Boothing at Irvine Tech Week  

     Whether you have an established $ide Hustle or not, this is a great opportunity to talk with potential customers. This event is part of Irvine Tech Week, and you will have a chance to have your own booth, where you can showcase and talk with people about your $ide Hustle. 

    Make sure that you RSVP for your booth, and don’t stress if you don’t have anything to display. You can share what you are up to, and get real time feedback from potential customers. 

    Students presenting their product ideas to a panel of judges and a live audience at The Cove at UCI
    Students presenting their product ideas to a panel of judges and a live audience at The Cove at UCI

    Mandatory Finance/LegalWorkshop 5-6pm  

    💼📊 Dive into the essentials at our Mandatory Finance and Legal Workshop! Whether you join us live or catch up with the recording, this session is key to your success in the competition and beyond. Learn REAL financial skills and legal know-hows that will empower your venture now and in the future. Don’t miss out on this critical step towards entrepreneurial mastery!

    Social Media/UGC workshop 5-6pm

    🌟📱 Dive into the digital age with our Social Media/UGC Workshop! 🎥💥 For those eager to explore the world of influencing, from affiliates to user-generated content, this is your gateway to success. Learn best practices and discover how to monetize your presence on social media platforms. Transform your digital footprint into a revenue stream!

    Students presenting their product ideas to a panel of judges and a live audience at The Cove at UCI
    Students presenting their product ideas to a panel of judges and a live audience at The Cove at UCI

    E-Commerce Workshop 5-6pm  

    🛒💡 Ready to turn clicks into customers? Join our E-commerce/Sales Workshop! 🚀🌐 Learn the essentials of creating and selling online, from e-commerce foundations to best sales practices. Whether you’re launching a product or service, we’ll equip you with the tools for online success. Perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs ready to conquer the digital marketplace!

    The Pitch Finals 

    The finals represent the culmination of hard work, innovation, and the spirit of your side hustle and your poster board. This is the time for you to put all the things you learned into action and get sales!

    The finals marketplace is open to the public. 

    Side hustles are a way to gain more freedom outside of traditional corporate life. there is less pressure to build a team, and you get to monetize your passions and stay true to what makes you happy.

    – Stef Rios

    Program Coordinator
    UCI ANTrepreneur Center