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Tap into the spicy, bold flavor of Tapatio Ramen Noodle Soup – A perfect blend of heat and smokiness in each bite!

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Classic Sriracha Hot Sauce meets ramen noodles – a punch of sun ripened chilies and sweet garlic in every bite!

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A perfect blend of Roasted Chicken Garlic flavor with premium noodles in each bite!

Why Ramen?

Ramen is a popular choice for college student entrepreneurs, who often have busy schedules and little time to prepare meals. Despite their hectic schedules, these students still need to eat, and ramen provides an easy and convenient option. Not only is it cheap and easy to make, but it can also be eaten quickly, making it perfect for busy college student entrepreneurs. Some students have even incorporated ramen into their diet as a quick meal during a study break, while others rely on it as a staple in their diet to save money. Ramen is a practical and convenient option for college student entrepreneurs who are trying to balance their studies, businesses, and personal lives. And the ANTrepreneur Center is here to help get ramen in the hands of our student entrepreneurs. Learn how you can get some ramen below!

Engage with the ramen brand, then enjoy.

In this unique partnership with top notch Ramen brands, we get free product for UCI students, and all we ask in return is that you follow the Ramen brands on their Instagrams.

Here’s How You Can Get More Ramen

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Get more Ramen at the ANTrepreneur Center

Are you hungry for some more Ramen? All you have to do is come on by! We have a kitchen full of Ramen, and all you have to do, is Scan the QR Code on the Kitchen cubbord when you pick your Ramen of choice!

What is the ANTrepreneur Center?

With a mission to help UCI undergraduate students explore the process of entrepreneurship, the UCI ANTrepreneur Center serves as a hub where student entrepreneurs, or “ANTrepreneurs,” can develop the skills necessary to start, operate, or grow their own businesses. Since its establishment in 2014, the ANTrepreneur Center has offered access to resources, events, programs, and services to foster innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit in UCI’s student body. 

Latest News From the ANTrepreneur Center

UCI ANTrepreneur Center Spearheads New UNA-OC Student Chapter to Advance Sustainability

UCI ANTrepreneur Center Spearheads New UNA-OC Student Chapter to Advance Sustainability

UC Irvine’s ANTrepreneur Center, in collaboration with the United Nations Association of Orange County, has launched a pioneering student chapter aimed at advancing sustainability initiatives. This new chapter embodies the spirit of innovation and environmental stewardship, enabling students to engage in global sustainability challenges directly. Explore how this initiative is setting a new standard for sustainable entrepreneurship and student involvement at UC Irvine.