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Waste Management

The center is committed to composting and TerraCycling our waste. This year we have diverted around 60 LBS of waste from landfills.

Sustainability Consultations

Our sustainability fellow has begun taking consultations designed around helping students integrate sustainable practices.

Solar Panel Project

Our team has been working with facilities and TGIF to secure funding for solar panels on our roof. This project is still in the works.

What is the Center doing in terms of Sustainability?

The importance of sustainability at the ANTrepreneur Center lies in its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly practices among student entrepreneurs. By integrating renewable energy solutions like solar panels and emphasizing sustainable operations, the center supports the environment and educates future business leaders on the value of sustainability. This approach ensures that the ANTrepreneur Center remains a forward-thinking hub that nurtures innovative and responsible entrepreneurship.

Having Trouble Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Startup?

You’re Not Alone. And We Are Here To Help!

According to a 2024 report by PwC, approximately 75% of global consumers express concern about the environmental impact of their purchases, and 64% say they are willing to pay more for products if the carbon emissions from their purchases are offset through sustainability efforts. This willingness is even higher among younger adults aged 18-34, where it jumps to 75%.

It’s not uncommon to not know where to start in terms of sustainability! Let our experienced student consultants/fellows help you out!

Waste Management

At the ANTrepreneur Center, we’re committed to sustainability and proper waste management. We have designated recycling and compost bins throughout the center to ensure that waste is disposed of responsibly. Please help us by separating recyclables, compostable materials, and landfill waste into the appropriate containers. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener business community.


Compost Bins

Our smaller compost bins are conveniently placed around the center for easy disposal of organic waste. Once these bins are full, we transfer the contents to the larger Facilities Management organic waste bins stationed across campus. By composting, we’re reducing landfill waste and contributing to a more sustainable environment. Please join us in making a positive impact by using our compost bins for all your organic waste!

TerraCycle Boxes

We’re excited to introduce TerraCycle bins specifically for ramen packaging at the ANTrepreneur Center! These bins are designed to collect and recycle the plastic packaging from your favorite ramen products. Simply place your empty ramen wrappers in the TerraCycle bins located around the center.

The ANTrepreneur Center Goes Solar!! ⁺₊⋆ ☀︎ ⋆⁺₊

At the ANTrepreneur Center, we are excited to announce our ongoing initiative to install solar panels, which will significantly reduce our dependence on traditional power sources. Once completed, this project is expected to divert over 70% of our energy needs off the grid, embracing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. By leveraging renewable energy, we aim to support our center’s energy-intensive equipment, including laser cutters, 3D printers, and our 24/7 data mining computer, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future. This initiative aligns with our commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability within our entrepreneurial community. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make strides in this transformative project.

About Maya

Sustainability Intern ’23-’24

The ANTrepreneur Center is proud to introduce our sustainability fellow, Maya Villalobos. Maya is a second-year Business Administration student with a minor in Global Sustainability. She is emphasizing in Finance and Accounting and has professional interests in sustainable investing and corporate finance.

Maya leads our green initiatives with innovative strategies and a passion for environmental stewardship, guiding student startups toward sustainable success.

My Approach

 My approach to sustainability at the ANTrepreneur Center focuses on transforming current practices into more sustainable operations. I aim to integrate sustainability into the center’s daily activities by performing audits and developing marketing strategies. Additionally, I prioritize waste management and emphasize the importance of diverting our waste from landfills to reduce our environmental impact. My goal is to create a lasting impact that not only benefits our environment but also demonstrates to our entrepreneurs the importance and feasibility of running a green business.

My Process

As a CLL intern, I’ve had the opportunity to deeply immerse myself in sustainability practices and principles. The insights and knowledge I gained from the quarterly class have been incredibly inspiring, shaping my approach to developing sustainability at the ANTrepreneur Center. By applying these new concepts, I’ve been able to implement innovative strategies and practices, ensuring that our operations are both environmentally responsible and efficient.

My Takeaways

“Startups are the “root of sustainability, crucial in driving innovative, eco-friendly solutions. Educating our students on sustainable practices is essential, as it equips them with the knowledge and tools to build greener businesses from the ground up. By prioritizing this education, we can foster a new generation of entrepreneurs who are committed to making a positive environmental impact through their ventures. The ANTrepreneur Center is welcoming, making it an ideal environment for exploring and implementing sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability Clubs/Organizations at UCI


“Sustainable and Just Future at UCI’s 3 main goals are to educate youth, empower climate solutions, and advocate for systems change. We hope to empower students of all backgrounds to become climate solutionists in their own right and integrate sustainability in their careers through student-led education and solutions initiatives/events. This year members will work to put on such events and implement an array of targeted campus sustainability projects. Learn more on IG @sustainableandjustfuture.uci and sign up to be a member at the link in their bio!”

Andi Hayes

President, Sustainable and Just Future at UCI

In the Green is a student-run campus organization that aims to bridge the gaps between businesses and sustainability. As part of our mission, we hope to provide business sustainability-focused education for our members through hosting different events throughout the school year like guest speaker/panel events, professional workshops, social events, and one of our most exciting opportunities, the case study competition in the Winter quarter. Ultimately, we want to give out resources and allow our members to understand the essentiality and variability in pursuing a career relating to the field of sustainability and develop a passion for it.”
Vy Duong

President, In The Green at UCI

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to incorporate sustainability into your business!

What resources does the ANTrepreneur Center offer to help with sustainability?

The ANTrepreneur Center provides access to sustainability workshops, expert consultations, and a maker space with eco-friendly equipment like 3D printers and a laser cutter. We also offer guidance on sustainable business practices and connections to green industry partners.

Why should I care about sustainability at the early stages of my business?

Caring about sustainability in the early stages of your business sets a strong foundation for long-term success. It helps you build a responsible brand, attract eco-conscious customers and investors, and ensure compliance with future regulations. Integrating sustainable practices early on can lead to cost savings, improved efficiency, and a competitive edge in an increasingly green market. By prioritizing sustainability from the start, you demonstrate a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, which can enhance your business’s reputation and growth potential.

How do I find sustainable manufacturers in my area? How can I confirm that they are sustainable in practice?

To find sustainable manufacturers in your area, start by researching online directories and databases that list eco-friendly suppliers, such as Green Directory or the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Networking with local business groups, attending industry events, and seeking recommendations from sustainability-focused organizations can also help you identify potential manufacturers.

To ensure they are truly sustainable, look for certifications such as ISO 14001, Fair Trade, or LEED, which indicate adherence to environmental and ethical standards. Additionally, conduct thorough due diligence by reviewing their sustainability reports, visiting their facilities, and asking for detailed information about their practices, including waste management, energy use, and labor conditions. Engaging in transparent communication and requesting references from other businesses that have worked with them can further verify their commitment to sustainability.

Can sustainability give my startup a competitive edge?

Absolutely. Embracing sustainability can differentiate your startup by appealing to a growing market of environmentally conscious consumers and investors. It can also improve operational efficiency and build a strong, positive brand image!

Are there funding opportunities available for sustainable startups?

Yes, there are various grants, loans, and investment opportunities specifically aimed at supporting sustainable startups. The ANTrepreneur Center can help you identify and apply for these funding sources. Book a meeting with our sustainability fellow on Campus Groups, or shoot Maya an email!

Why should I book a meeting with the sustainability consultant?

Booking a consultation with Maya, our sustainability consultant, is an excellent step towards integrating eco-friendly practices into your business. Maya brings a wealth of expertise from her experience as a Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) intern, where she developed a deep understanding of sustainable operations and strategies. She is skilled in performing sustainability audits, managing finances with a green perspective, and developing effective marketing strategies for sustainable businesses. Maya’s comprehensive approach ensures that your startup can achieve its sustainability goals while enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By consulting with her, you gain access to valuable insights and practical solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Free Reusable Water Bottles!

At the ANTrepreneur Center, we are pleased to offer free water bottles to our community, sourced from the Sustainability Resource Center (SRC). Each water bottle is thoroughly washed and cleaned, ensuring you have a safe and sustainable way to stay hydrated. This initiative is part of our commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices and supporting the well-being of our students and visitors. Come by and pick up your reusable water bottle today!