Interviewee: Anca Copaescu (AC)

Interviewer: Stefani Rios (TCA)

Anca Copaescu (AC) is the founder and CEO of Strategikon Pharma, a SaaS company streamlining key processes in the pharmaceutical industry. In today’s ‘How Did You Do It?’, we sat down with Anca to learn how she was able to successfully build and maintain a pipeline of 13 million within the pharmaceutical industry.

TCA: Anca, what is Clinical Maestro? What are some benefits?

AC: Clinical Maestro is a solution that manages the core business aspects of pharmaceutical industry outsourced R&D activities.

AC: We measured the speed at which you can perform an activity in Excel versus our solution and we’ve been seeing more than 95% reduction in the time allocated to perform an activity. Clinical Maestro reduced the time it takes to plan a clinical trial from several weeks to 12 minutes. Giving customers an average of 10x ROI. 

TCA: How did you build the 13 million pipeline? 

AC: By maximizing exposure as much as we could and focusing on thought leadership. Thought leadership has been the best way to drive our sales. Our pipeline was built by highlighting the problem and having the customer or well known field experts speak about the solution in a personal matter.

AC: With little to no marketing, the customer is the start and allows them to do the business development. In a room of 50 people listening to me talk to an expert, 10% of the room converts into leads.  

TCA: How do you maintain the 13 million pipeline? 

AC: We knew the pharma persona very well and focused on users that would have the fastest adoption and nurtured these customers. 

AC: By prioritizing the value proposition and customers, Strategikon Pharma gained 60% of customers from word-of-mouth referrals. Including CSL Behring, Astellas, Nurocrine , Vertex companies like Insight, Novavax, 3 Top Japanese pharmaceutical companies, leading US & EU pharma and biotech companies, and other significant logos in the mid to large pharma segment.

AC: We began showcasing the prototype like it was real and were constantly iterating based on feedback from our customers. This reiterative process is Customer LED Product Advancement.

TCA: This seems instrumental to your customer retention, which is at a rate of 90%

AC: By staying focused on our value propositions and continually putting customers first, Clinical Maestro has become the best solution for its customers. Allowing Strategikon Pharma to attract and retain such high caliber companies.

TCA: Thank you so much for sharing, Strategikon has accomplished so much. With an average 10x ROI, a retention rate of 90% and a Net Revenue Retention of 150%, Strategikon Pharma has truly revolutionized the industry with their solution, Clinical Maestro.

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