Opportunities for Funding!

African American Alliance Student Fund

UC Irvine’s ANTrepreneur Center has received funding from the African American Alliance Fund (AAAF) to support special funding for UCI students. The goal of the AAAF Student Fund is to support students actively involved with supporting black thriving environments through their projects, events, ideas, and in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Eligible applicants can apply for the micro-grant through April 14th, 2023. The applications will be reviewed by the end of April, and funds will be disbursed in May before the Spring quarter ends.

This is an exciting opportunity for students to receive support for their entrepreneurial adventures while also contributing to a more racially just future. 

If you are a student actively involved in clubs and/or organizations that support the African American community, and you have an entrepreneurial idea or venture that aligns with the AAAF’s mission and vision, we encourage you to apply for the AAAF Student Fund below. The funding can be used for various purposes, such as purchasing equipment, marketing, or hiring micro-interns, as long as it supports the growth and development of your idea, project, event, and/or venture.

We look forward to receiving your application and supporting you in your entrepreneurial journey!