Vista Student Pitch at the UCI Mental Health Hackathon Finalists

IDEA: For Vista High school students to form teams and come up with solutions to mental health problems. Teams would formed, ideas created, and fast pitches made. Then three top teams would be selected to give their quick pitch at the UCI Mental Health Hackathon Finals on December 1st from 6pm-8pm at The Cove at UCI. 

About the Mental Health Hackathon

The Hacking Student Success: Mental Health Innovation Challenge is a three-part event series where UCI students formed teams and created business ideas that support student success by addressing student mental health challenges. Metta World Peace was our keynote speaker at the pitch finals, talking about the importance of mental health.  Read more about the competition here.

This webpage outlines an idea of getting Visa students to particiapte in two workshops and pitch their mental health ideas at the Hackathon Finals on December 1st. 

The Big Idea

Vista will select two dates, one for an ideation workshop, and one for a fast pitch workshop and semi-finals pitch. The three top teams will then work with UCI students who will mentor them on how to give a pitch in front of a live audience. 


Workshop 1: Ideation

This fun and interactive workshop will teach you how to come up ideas to address mental health, starting with a problem. You will learn a specific set of steps that will help you turn a problem into an idea. Vista students will get to interact, work in teams, and come up with problems around mental health that they think are worth solving. Then teams will be formed, and students will start to form the idea that they will compete with. 

Workshop 2: The Fast Pitch

In this workshop Vista students will learn the skills necessary to “own the room” and grab the attention of stakeholders, investors, collaborators and executives in this interactive and ever-important pitch training. Discover how to explain your idea and turn it into a compelling fast pitch! From impression management to elevator pitching, to honing your networking skills, this live training covers all the steps needed to effectively and confidently grow your buy-in potential and bring an audience to your concept, idea, product or service (all while being human).


Support for 3 Finalists

The three finalist teams from Vista (selected at the end of the second workshop) will work with UCI student mentors, and the Director of the UCI ANTrepreneur Center to get them pitch ready for the December 1st finals. 

The Final Pitch at The Cove

The Cove @ UCI was built specifically to be a location for entrepreneurial connections for UCI and the community and designed to accelerate innovation. It holds 200+ guests, and is the perfect environment for a pitch finals event. On December 1st, the top three Vista teams will present their fast pitches in front of a live audience! 

Meet the UCI Hackathon Finalists


Team: Ayaan Dhir, Madhu Sharma, Joshua Lipton, Nima Movahedi


Team: Brandon Bui, Gregory Saldanha, Ajmal Mundu, Shuyan Liao, Isabella Cao, Young Ku

The Mentalists

Team: Novia Wong, Sundas Shaikh, Samia Aktar, Lanie Le, Maryam Hassani


Team: Vatsal Ananthula, Michael Pfeiffer, Danny H. Nguyen, Aditya Phatak, Samuel Finkel, Kasra Tavakoli


Team: Stephanie Kirk, Nico Allemann, Sydney Schapansky, Luke Wells, Jennifer Wang, Troy Outwater

Exercise in Leadership

The idea is to give Vista students experiencial learning about leadership, problem solving, entrepreneurship, and presentation skills. Each of the two workshops will be overseen by ANTrepreneur Center Director, Ryan Foland, and he will make sure that the students have fun while they learn.