Are you ready to show off your start-up pitching skills? The ANTrepreneur Center at UCI has just announced a Ramen Fast Pitch Instagram contest*, where students can flex their entrepreneurial muscles by creating a one-minute pitch of their favorite ramen brand. The three ramen brands featured in the contest are Tapatio Ramen, Sriracha Rooster Ramen, and Choi Premium Ramen.

To participate in the contest, students can come to the ANTrepreneur Center to get free products to try and use in their video production. In the Ramen Quick Pitch, students are encouraged to be creative, have fun, and showcase the ramen brand that they are pitching by clearly showing the product and its branding in their video.

To qualify for the challenge, students must create and post a one-minute video where they pitch their favorite ramen as an Instagram story, post, or reel. The video must be no longer than one minute and thirty seconds, and the caption of the post must tag the ramen brand that they are pitching: @tapatio_ramen, @sriracharoosterramen, or @choi.premium.ramen. Students must also tag the UCI ANTrepreneur Center (@uciantrepreneur) in their post. Participants can only pitch one of the ramen brands per Instagram channel. If you have two Instagram channels, you could submit two videos, one for each independent channel. 

The video must be posted on the student’s Instagram stories or be posted as a Reel on their feed, visible for as long as the giveaway is live. If participants do not tag the ramen brand and the ANTrepreneur Center, their video may not be seen, and they will not be considered for the ramen pitch contest. Once students share their video on their feeds, they should also email the video to

The giveaway starts on February 21, 2023, and will end on March 5, 2023, at 12:00 pm PST. All entries posted after the closing date will not be considered for prizes. The grand prizes for the contest will be awarded randomly, with one winner selected for each of the three ramen brands. Each winner will receive an entire case of that ramen, which can be picked up at the ANTrepreneur Center after the winners are announced on March 17, 2023. 

If you want to participate, make sure to post your video before the deadline! We can’t wait to see you get creative, have fun, and start practicing your pitch skills today!

*Disclaimer: Participants should be aware that ramen products are very hot after heating. The ramen should be handled with care to avoid spilling or burning. Never microwave ramen products without water and use extra caution when serving children. Do not not purchase the product if the package is torn or open.*