The UCI ANTrepreneur Center, a hub dedicated to helping UCI students develop the skills necessary for entrepreneurial success, has announced a new collaboration with the OC Startup Council (OCSC). This collaboration aims to further bridge the gap between the UCI community and the off-campus business ecosystem, offering students increased access to seasoned entrepreneurs, startup culture, mentorship, and even investors.

Recognized as the number one source for Orange County startup news, the OCSC is a volunteer community service group that supports high-growth startup companies in Orange County. OCSC membership includes hundreds of early-stage tech and life sciences startup ventures, as well as the angel investors, venture capital firms, and service providers who support them. The OCSC’s popular newsletters, workshops, Startup Ecosystem Directory, blog, job listings, community events calendar, and promotion of local startup ventures are all dedicated to increasing community, capital, and connections among local technology entrepreneurs, service providers, and investors. 

Through their new collaboration, the ANTrepreneur Center will become a sponsor of the OCSC, increasing brand awareness for the Center within the Orange County tech community and showcasing UCI’s pivotal role in the Southern California entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem. UCI students will also receive complimentary tickets to each of the OCSC’s MasterMinds Startup Accelerator Workshops, and each quarter, the OCSC will feature an article highlighting a successful ANTrepreneur project, company, or founder.

The collaboration between the ANTrepreneur Center and OCSC follows other exciting collaborations between UCI and investment groups in Orange County, such as Tech Coast Angels (TCA) and the Tech Coast Venture Network (TCVN). By fostering connections with these influential groups, students will gain exposure to real-world experiences and industry insights that can prove invaluable for their future success as entrepreneurs. Additionally, access to these off-campus resources will help students expand their professional network, learn about funding opportunities, and receive valuable advice from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.

Speaking on the collaboration, Scott Fox, CEO of the OCSC and an investor with TCA, expressed his excitement at the opportunity to integrate UCI into the wider business community after the two groups connected to help produce the first Irvine Tech Week in April:

“Increasing the involvement of both students and the University of California Irvine community in the exciting off-campus innovation ecosystem is a goal we share. So we are thrilled to expand our working relationship with UCI and look forward to increased student entrepreneur participation in the Irvine and Orange County startup ecosystem.”

Ryan Foland, Director of the ANTrepreneur Center, echoed these sentiments, saying, “By building ramps to various existing startup hubs, we are giving our students more access to resources and opportunities that can help them succeed. I am excited that this deal will provide UCI students with access to events, business experts, and more.”

UCI students are invited to join the OCSC community and participate in upcoming events. Students can get involved by: 

Students are also encouraged to save the date for Irvine Tech Week 2024. Building on the great success of the inaugural event series in 2023, Irvine Tech Week V2.0 will be held April 16-21, 2024! Stay tuned for event news and updates by visiting And mark your calendars for more excitement, innovation, and other exciting Irvine Tech Week opportunities.

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