In an era where collaboration is king, the UCI ANTrepreneur Center proudly announces its newest collaboration with the expansive network of SoCal Celebrates Entrepreneurship (SCCE) for the SCCE-24 annual event. This collaboration marks the latest in the ANTrepreneur Center’s recent array of collaborations, including those with Tech Coast Venture Network, Tech Coast Angels, and more.

About the SCCE 

As a joint venture between prestigious institutions, including the Cal State Fullerton Center for Entrepreneurship, Concordia University School of Business & Economics, North Orange County Community College District, and many more, the SCCE is a testament to the collaborative spirit of Southern California. Now, the UCI ANTrepreneur Center is excited to join this impressive list as their newest partner. 

“One of our core missions at the ANTrepreneur Center is to facilitate student interactions with fellow entrepreneurs across the region, especially from other academic institutions,” says Ryan Foland, Director of the ANTrepreneur Center. “Our collaboration with the SCCE supports this mission. It’s invigorating to see the SCCE team ripe with influential figures from the entrepreneurial domain.”

Also speaking on the collaboration, John Bradley Jackson, “JJ,” the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Cal State Fullerton, states:

“SoCal Celebrates Entrepreneurship is the premier gathering of students and entrepreneurs in Southern California, and we are looking forward to how UCI and its students will enrich the SCCE and help grow the SoCal entrepreneurial community. Students and everyone else who attends our SCCE-24 event can look forward to hearing from veteran entrepreneurs and networking with other passionate creators.”

About SCCE-24

Championing entrepreneurial spirit across Southern California, the SCCE is committed to uplifting and celebrating entrepreneurs from every background. SCCE-24 marks the latest addition to the SCCE’s lineup of esteemed yearly conferences. This year’s event will be held at Cal State Fullerton on March 9th, 2024, from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The conference serves as a melting pot for entrepreneurs, students, business magnates, service providers, and investors. Together, they commemorate Southern California’s essence as a diverse epicenter for innovation and entrepreneurship. SCCE-24 stands as a testament to a region that not only embraces cultural diversity and upward mobility but also guarantees an enriched quality of life for its inhabitants.

The Significance for UCI Students

Events like SCCE-24 can jumpstart student startups and/or launch their professional journeys. Such platforms offer UCI students the chance to present ideas, collaborate with a supportive network, and gain invaluable industry feedback. The SCCE’s extensive roster of partners offers students the opportunity to form connections with these various prestigious institutions. Additionally, the SCCE’s impressive lineup of sponsors, including Sunstone, Royal Business Bank, Genesis Bank, the Cal State Fullerton Startup Incubator, and more, promises attendees a multitude of networking opportunities.

The ANTrepreneur Center’s Involvement

In support of SCCE-24, the ANTrepreneur Center will help source event speakers and help organize university entrepreneurial programs, innovative students, community stakeholders, and various organizations for the annual festivities and pitch sessions. At the event, Ryan will also be emceeing a quick pitch contest. So if you are a student looking to showcase their startup at the upcoming SCCE-24 event, stay tuned for more information on how you can participate!

You can learn more about the SCCE and the upcoming SCCE-24 by visiting the website here

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