Recently, the ANTrepreneur Center at the University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine) announced the introduction of 11 Micro-Internships in collaboration with Siemens. These opportunities include a Siemens College Campus Innovation Ambassador role and ten positions within the Mendix Rapid Developer program. Designed to immerse students in cutting-edge technological fields and digital innovation, these Micro-Internships bridge the gap between academic theory and practical application, preparing students for the demands of the modern workforce.

Empowering Future Leaders and Innovators
The Siemens Ambassador and Mendix Rapid Developer Micro-Internships at the ANTrepreneur Center are pivotal in enhancing the university’s commitment to bridging academic learning with industry demands. These programs prepare students not only for immediate professional challenges but also set the foundation for their future career success in a globally competitive job market.

“Siemens is excited to equip students with the skills needed to excel in entrepreneurship and technology,” says Matt Bruce, Director of Academic Enablement & Workforce Development at Siemens Digital Industries Software. “By learning about low-code programming and engaging with our software, students not only enhance their own startup capabilities but also significantly increase their attractiveness as job candidates in tech-driven fields.”

Siemens College Campus Innovation Ambassador
This Micro-Internship offers students a role in promoting and facilitating the use of Siemens Xcelerator Academy and Mendix platforms at UC Irvine. 

  • Duration: Summer term
  • Compensation: $1,500
  • Responsibilities: Engage the student body with innovative Siemens technologies, manage social media campaigns, and organize tech-related events.
  • Ideal Candidate: A proactive UC Irvine student who is passionate about technology and demonstrates strong communication skills and a desire to lead and educate peers about emerging tech trends.

Mendix Rapid Developer Micro-Internships
These ten positions provide a hands-on introduction to low-code programming, a highly sought-after skill in the tech industry. This program prepares students for quick adaptation and problem-solving in various business contexts.

  • Duration: 30 hours total
  • Compensation: $600
  • Responsibilities: Earn the Mendix Rapid Developer certification, apply learning in practical scenarios, and engage in reflective and analytical practices.
  • Ideal Candidate: Students or recent alumni with an interest in coding and who are eager to enhance their technical skills in a dynamic, real-world environment.

Application Process and Opportunities
Students and recent alumni interested in these Micro-Internships must first register on the ANTrepreneur Center’s Micro-Internship platform using their UC Irvine email. After registering and logging in, potential applicants will be able to see the detailed listings of these opportunities and can explore additional Micro-Internships available nationally, many of which are remote.

Understanding the Value of Micro-Internships
Micro-Internships are short-term, professionally paid engagements that allow students to undertake specific project-based tasks. These roles are integral in today’s gig economy, providing flexible and diverse work experiences crucial for budding entrepreneurs and technologists. Through these opportunities, students can apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, significantly enhancing both their skills and employability.

“Each new Micro-Internship is a gateway to practical experience and personal development,” explains Ryan Foland, Director of the ANTrepreneur Center. “These opportunities are uniquely designed to prepare students for the dynamic challenges of the modern workforce, particularly in entrepreneurship. And since they are paid for their work, these opportunities are accessible to all of our students.”

Since its launch, the ANTrepreneur Center’s Self-Starter Micro-Internship Platform has seen remarkable growth. To date, 2,225 students have registered on the platform, resulting in 151 Micro-Internships with students and recent alumni earning a total of over $75,000. These figures highlight the program’s success in connecting students with meaningful professional opportunities that enhance their academic and career trajectories.

Administrative Ease Through Parker Dewey
A unique advantage of this program is its administrative ease, facilitated through a partnership with Parker Dewey. Companies offering Micro-Internships are relieved of the typical burdens associated with direct employment. Interns hired through these opportunities are considered 1099 contractors to Parker Dewey, not to the company posting the opportunity. This setup protects the students and makes it easier for companies to participate, eliminating the need for extensive paperwork and administrative burdens.

The structure of Micro-Internships is designed to accommodate various needs and scenarios. Whether remote, hybrid, or in-person, these opportunities can be tailored to best suit the project requirements and participants’ circumstances. This flexibility ensures that students can engage in meaningful work that complements their studies and personal commitments, regardless of their physical location.

“UC Irvine and Siemens have set a new standard with their collaborative Micro-Internship program, showcasing a model of partnership that is not only vital but transformative for today’s educational and professional landscape,” said Jeffrey Moss, Founder and CEO of Parker Dewey. “This initiative serves as a compelling blueprint that other post-secondary institutions and employers can replicate to create similarly impactful opportunities. By seamlessly integrating academic learning with practical professional experiences, they are preparing students for the complexities of the modern workforce in a manner that is scalable and effective.”

Catalyzing Career and Entrepreneurial Success
As the job market continues to evolve rapidly, UC Irvine students are uniquely equipped to adapt and excel, powered by the comprehensive, practical experiences provided by these innovative programs. Businesses and startups interested in tapping into the vibrant talent pool at UC Irvine are encouraged to register and start posting Micro-Internship opportunities on the platform. This initiative supports companies in finding motivated students ready to apply their newly acquired skills to real-world challenges, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and collaboration.

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